Thursday, 19 March 2015

Inspiration (for Eva)

Sing us a song.
Weave words and breath,
The free air that
Generations bled for.

Sing strong.
Summon fire from bedrock,
Lock arms and charm a path
That every heart can move on.

Sing sweet.
Be the mead that
Quenches loneliness
And go your own way, blessed.


We took our Poetry To Go stall to the Women of the World Festival again and, at the end of the day, the Mayor of Cambridge came up and asked us for a poem for a young poet she'd met that day. She'd found herself inspired by the day and the amazing women she'd met; she wanted a 10-line, free verse poem about how women support each other, raise each other up, inspire each other. After some detective work, we found which poet she meant, wrote the poem and today presented one copy each to the Mayor and Eva Day Hagger tonight at the launch of the Women of Influence book.

Check out all of these people and projects...! :)

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