Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April? It must be #NaPoWriMo time...

And this time I'm not in France, or other such shenanigans. Mind you, while this will make the technical act of posting poems to my blog easier, a) I'll be in work; b) I'll have to milk home harder for inspiration!

This year I'm teaming up (in a fairly loose sense!) with a group of six other poets, and we'll be posting to a team blog as well as anywhere else we pester with poetry.

Having, for once, written my first one quite early in the day, I'm tempted by the notion of building up a buffer, as opposed to having to catch up when the inevitable vicissitudes of, you know, actually taking part in life cramp my time and other resources.  Hmm.  Maybe what I'll do is just make sure that, if inspiration's there and I've already hit my target, I don't stop myself, but don't actively seek to get ahead.

(Yes, I'm thinking aloud here - thanks for listening.)

So yeah, go read the Cambridgeshire NaPoWriMo team blog (http://camsnapowrimo.blogspot.co.uk), or check out my solo one (http://fayrobertsnapowrimo.blogspot.co.uk - also includes 2013's efforts) and we'll see you on the other side of the lyrical half-marathon... :)