Friday, 19 December 2014

Ahem. An announcement

So here's a thing. As some of you already know, I applied last month to go to part-time working in my day-job.  Today I heard that they have agreed "in principle". What this means in actuality is that I'll come back on 5th January full-time, but will swiftly move to part-time (3½ days a week, for those of you who really want to know) once we've worked out all the logistical details, signed the bits of paper, etc. After 12 weeks, we review and find out if it works (can I get all my work done in the time, can the people who deputise for me cover well, can I cope on less money, etc.?).

I couldn't be happier* - this is a chance for me to get a proper work-life balance, look after my health, enjoy more time to write/ focus properly on poetry promotion, etc., maybe even just sleep more. I suspect that, for some weeks, it'll be a case of just sleeping more. :)

You know what? It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas... :D

* well, obviously if they'd signed it off last week and I was looking forward to starting part-time straight after the holidays, that would be


  1. You are utterly perfect as a role model, Little Sister. Well done!

  2. Fantastic news! Best of luck with it! I've been wanting to talk to my boss about working fewer hours for ages - after hearing your good news, I may just have a chat with him in the New Year! -x-