Sunday, 8 September 2013

What's all that equipment you bring to poetry nights?

Glad you asked:

1. 4 x spotlights.

2. 2 x T-stands for the spotlights (each component ~>=1m long).

3. 1 x mic stand.

4. 1 x music stand.

5. One 50l box containing:
a) cables for the lights;
b) microphone and associated cable
c) spares of a) and b);
d) various sound cables for e.g. iPod into sound desk, not being sure which sound desk we'll get;
e) spare bulbs

6. One 20l suitcase containing everything else we might need, e.g. signposts for the venue; posters for the night's event; flyers for the next event; books and magazines for sale; spare spotlight gels; hand stamps; cash box; notepads; camcorder and tripod.

7. A2 swing-sign to advertise the night's event outside.

8. Laptop for Hammer & Tongue to do slam scoring.

9. Personal belongings and other random stuff. Sometimes hand drums (medium-sized djembe).

I can't store any of this stuff at the current venue and, lovely though thwy are, they do not have sound or light equipment that works for spoken word...

I'm thinking of buying a new car; it needs to be, ideally: light and easy to park, with room in the boot for that lot, comfortable to drive for long journeys, and be able to take passengers without squishing them.

Suggestions? :D

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