Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 1

This will be brief as I am KNACKERED but:

1. Troops rallied in PBH Free Fringe Spoken Word meet 'n' greet. Good to see and hug so many poets and storytellers... :) Great to have cohesive "presence".

2. Housemates bloody lovely.

3. First Other Voices show was awesome - tight, well-performed, good audience (20+ by my count), nice "set" decoration.

4. Got a parking ticket through incompetence, and dodged another through blind luck.

5. Still fighting incipient cold.

6. Still can't do nail polish well.

7. Have been skipping physio exercises - need to remedy that or I'll be back on the walking stick.

8. Still fit into my corset (tried it out last night just in case - question: if you get stuck in your corset at midnighy and there's no-one to see you struggle, is it still funny?). Totally forgot the order that putting on the costume needs to follow in order to actually work.

9. Lovely flat is above two nightclubs. There's your other shoe, right there...


  1. Re: 8, Yes. But isn't being stuck in a corset and struggling supposed to be fun ;-)

  2. RE: number nine - bummer :( At least you'll be able to sleep on Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of each week (unless it's one of those pesky 'open every night' kind of nightclubs!) -x-